Hautelinks: Week of 4/24/14

Hautelinks: Week of 4/24/14

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* Buzzfeed shares 14 ways to upgrade basic meals, perfect for lazy cooks (like us!).

* Need to clean out your closet? Teen Vogue shares 9 expert closet organization tips to get it done perfectly this weekend.

* Congrats to Lupita Nyong’o, People’s most beautiful woman of the year.

* I’m planning a trip to London next month so I’m super excited to shop some of SheFinds’ favorite amazing British fashion brands while I’m there!

* Who else is excited for the upcoming film version of If I Stay? The movie trailer looks amazing!

* Also from Refinery, 5 Plus Size Fashion Bloggers to Follow.

* WhoWhatWear shares the 9 most versatile closet staples to have in your wardrobe.

* From Cosmo, Things No One Tells You About Post-Grad Life.

* This is really inspiring: The crossroads of should and must, from Medium.com.

* Even more inspiration: How a 13-year-old got her fashion line into Nordstrom.

* And one more! ThoughtCatalog says, Walk With Weight. Love this message!

* This bohemian side braid makes us feel like Frozen’s Princess Elsa on our way to a music festival.

* The Beauty Department shows you a simple trick to keep your waves overnight.

* Hahaha: This flight attendant’s humor had us gasping for oxygen and more as she went over the flight safety instructions.

* Quiz time! Which female superhero are you?

* Another one if you’re bored: Which flower are you?

* For those of you with summer jobs that require professional dress, here’s how to build your office wardrobe, inspired by Olivia Pope!

* ELLE has a feature on Women in Music 2014, featuring interviews with some of the biggest names out there.

* Not sure which summer music festival to attend? HuffPo has a handy interactive map to help you decide.

* Love: 29 Things That Will Make You Grin No Matter How Badly Your Day is Going.

* Google reveals a simple formula for a killer resume.

* Aw! We would hunt for eggs too if we could wear Blue Ivy’s Easter dress. And who needs a golden egg when you can wear golden rabbit ears?

* Required reading for all of us: 15 Impulse Purchases You’re Better Off Leaving Behind. 6 and 8 are always my nemeses!

* While we’re talking money, here’s an excellent personal finance guide for millennials.

* So much love for this: This New York-based artist creates a series of haunting, beautiful posters of women talking back to their street harassers.

* Breathtaking: The real-life filming locations of Game of Thrones.

* P.S. I Made This shares some DIY projects inspired by Earth Day over on Buzzfeed.

* Wow! This is pretty cool: 24 People Interviewed for an Impossible Job Paying Nothing… then found out who does that job every day.

* StyleCaster shares some cute graduation dresses with options for many different budgets.

* Awesome! Emma Stone calls out Andrew Garfield’s casual sexism in the most perfect way.

* Speaking of Emmas, here’s another one to love. She really is everyone’s favorite, for good reason.

* Oh god, want to try them all, right now: 21 Spring and Summer Dessert Recipes.

* Super cool: If you’re bored at home, why not take a virtual tour of the Smithsonian museum? I was just there two weeks ago and the crowds were insane – it’s actually easier to see the exhibits on this virtual version!

* Always important for spring: Paste Magazine shows you how to wear pastels… without looking like an Easter candy.

* And if some of your spring clothes smell like last year’s sweat (we’re keeping it real here!), NY Mag has a guide to freshening them up.

* Lauren Conrad has a great guide to sending professional emails.

* Every woman should read this: 10 Questions About Your Vagina, Answered.

* In case you missed Coachella, never fear! Refinery 29 shares 50 street style pics from the festival that will give you tons of inspiration.

* These may be basic tips, but this list of advice from a professional makeup artist provides a great jumping-off point for any beauty regimen.

* Wow! These DIY tassel earrings from Stripes + Sequins are sure to be real statement-makers.

* A little cuteness to finish off the list: Sink cats are the best cats, but be sure to scroll down to the last one for a surprise.

* And finally, because of Easter, here are bunnies, bunnies, and more bunnies!