Hautelinks: Week of 3/13/14

Hautelinks: Week of 3/13/14

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* One of our faves, Lauren Conrad debuted a sweet new haircut this week and we’re in love!

* Also from R29, How The Bachelor Backfired on America. This season was the worst one I’ve ever watched. Ick.

* Teen Vogue shares the 32 most amazing accessories seen at Paris Fashion Week. Want. Them. All.

* Love this soooo much: Harry Potter sings “We Are Never Ever Getting Back Together”.

* SheFinds shows you how to get psyched up for work if you’re starting your first post-college job.

* 13 Things Men Think Women Do To Impress Them (LOL, no). We can all vouch for number 1.

* Great way to waste some time: Sounds Just Like shows you songs that resemble each other and lets you listen to both to compare.

* You may have already seen this but in case you missed it, Jennifer Lawrence brought her BFF to the Oscars and said friend’s recap of the night is nothing short of hilarious.

* Worth checking out: Useful fashion hacks your mom didn’t teach you, from WhoWhatWear.

* Instagram, meet nail wraps: This genius new app puts the two together.

* Very important: What kind of cookie are you? (I got snickerdoodle which is my favorite so this quiz wins!)

* Speaking of cookies, if you’re gluten-free or vegan, here are some Girl Scout-style cookie recipes that will fit your dietary requirements!

* Another awesome quiz: Which ’90s Babe is Your Style Icon? (I got Angela Chase who is also my fave.)

* Sheryl Sandberg proposes a ban on the word “bossy”. What do you think of her campaign?

* This is such a wonderful idea: Scheme Saves Dogs from Death Row & Uses Convicts to Train Them for Adoption.

* Have you seen Miley Cyrus’s new Marc Jacobs ads? Kinda loving the bleached brows.

* So, are dancing Star Wars characters becoming a thing? We hope so.

* YouBeauty did a great post on how to be your own shrink. Totally agree with the exercise tip!

* Cute list: 55 Things I’ve Learned in College So Far, from Thought Catalog.

* Amoeba is celebrating Women’s History Month with some all-female bands of the 1960s.

* Have you seen the “middle class problems” Twitter account? Too funny.

* If you have a weekend beach trip planned, 1. We are jealous of you, 2. You should watch this video to decide what to pack!

* For readers in sororities: 16 Reasons Why You Should Love Your Big, from Thought Catalog.

* As if we weren’t big enough fans of her already, Mariska Hargitay (of Law and Order SVU) helped catch a real-life rapist.

* Give All the Awards to Lupita Nyong’o for Her Inspirational Speech About Beauty, from TIME.

* Cuteness: How to get ready for spring, in illustrated form.

* Also illustrated, and also awesome: Quick food, not fast food. Love these recipes and their format.

* Wow! This new app will allow you to read novels in under 90 minutes. Can’t wait till it’s released.

* Happy St. Patrick’s Day! Here are some green clothes you’ll actually wear again after the big day.

* Haha, this is so strange (and somewhat accurate): Here’s what American-themed parties look like around the world.

* Thought-provoking: Why Being Ladylike is Not Necessarily a Bad Thing.

* Yikes – Target’s bikini photoshop slip up has been making the rounds all over the net. WHY do companies feel the need to do this?

* Another thing that’s been making the rounds online: 3-year-old argues why he should have a cupcake for dinner.

* Cosmo has 14 inspiring quotes to get you through anything (even midterms!).

* For those of you with formal events coming up: 6 Oscar Looks for Less, from Parade. (Love the Sandra Bullock lookalike gown!)

* You Should Really Stop Comparing Yourself to Others. Wise words that we should all remember.

* Ooh, coconut oil as makeup remover? Genius.

* I knew most of these but a few were new: Surprising facts about songs you think you know.

* And finally, because ducks don’t get enough love on the interwebs, here is a super cute one that will make you say aww!