Hautelinks: Week of 9/4/14

Hautelinks: Week of 9/4/14

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* Yes to all: 29 Things No One Tells You About Being a Harry Potter Fanatic.

* With New York Fashion Week upon us, ELLE lists the Fashion Week newbies to keep an eye on.

* And if you want to watch all the shows live, SheFinds has your ultimate guide to this season’s NYFW livestreams.

* Just another reason to love her: In One Perfect Sentence, Amy Poehler Schools a Guy in What It’s Like To Be a Woman.

* Loved this: 6 Beauty Faux Pas That Are Actually No Big Deal, via XoVain.

* College Life on Instagram vs. College Life in Reality, via Buzzfeed.

* See also: How Stereotypical Was Your College Experience? (Or, is, if you’re in college.)

* Also from Buzzfeed, some AMAZING fashion infographics, including how to wear different items different ways and all kinds of who-knew fashion vocabulary.

* While most of you have full course loads, if you want to learn even more this semester, we suggest checking out LifeHacker U, LifeHacker’s list of awesome courses you can take online this fall.

* We just found out that Disney has a fashion/beauty blog, and it’s pretty amazing.

* Fascinating: How Your Name Affects Your Success. Haha, my name gets pretty much all of the negative effects…

* Perfect for those with a preppy sense of style: Whale and Monogram Sticker Tutorial.

* For the overthinking-afflicted: 14 Things Overthinkers Say and What They Actually Mean, from Thought Catalog.

* Pretty Little Liars producer I. Marlene King picks the 10 scariest-ever moments from the show. (Spoilers!)

* A little inspiration for wearing white after Labor Day. (We say it’s a do!)

* A little cool art for your day: These optical illusions are both mind-blowing and delicious-looking.

* Found this fascinating and terrifying: Why I Bought a $4000 Jacket I Could Not Afford, from The Cut.

* Potentially disturbing but important: Cee-Lo’s Tweets Remind Us of Why We Need “Yes Means Yes”.

* Related: Columbia student to carry mattress until alleged rapist leaves campus. This is yet another reminder of how colleges so often mishandle rape cases.

* In much lighter news, NYLON lists their favorite jean jackets with a detailed explanation for why they chose each.

* Sugar and Cloth lists some gorgeous patterned fall dresses under $100.

* In other shopping news, Real Simple lists their favorite facial cleansers.

* Everyone get ready to “ooh” and “aah”: Angelina Jolie’s wedding dress is revealed, via ELLE.

* This is so cool: Make your own school calendar with a cork board, tacks, and paint chips! I’m making one for my office.

* For sugar addicts like us, here’s a map of each state’s unofficial dessert.

* Important for everyone: 5 Ways to Trick Yourself Into Drinking More Water, from Byrdie.

* There’s a new fashion blogger on the Instagram scene, with a familiar face… Barbie is all grown up and serving up some cute #ootd’s…

* Who else is excited for fall? If you are, Free People has some great ways to transition your life into the season.

* In light of the leaked nude photo scandal, HuffPo reflects on sexism on the Internet and how “women’s bodies, particularly famous women’s bodies, are not public domain, ripe for consumption whenever the fancy strikes.”

* This tool looks super useful for college students planning meals: Eat This Much gives you recipe ideas and shopping lists based on calories, macronutrients, and more, and even accommodates special diets.

* Speaking of which, here are some easy recipes that college students can master.

* A long but interesting read: How to Protect Yourself From Emotional Manipulation, via Marc and Angel Hack Life.

* Haha, I can soo relate to this: 15 Problems All Unphotogenic People Know to be True.

* Racked has a fun Fash-un Girl quiz: Play through eleven questions, like “what’s your spirit bag?” and Drake lyrics to live by, and get a unique breakdown of which Fash-un Girl you are.

* If school is already stressing you out, here’s a soothing gif to take you back to summer for a minute.

* This one’s from CF writer Sara: “I would also like to not be hit on in comic book stores. Yes, I read graphic novels. No, I do not need you to make suggestions for me based off of ‘what other girls like’.”

* From Cupcakes and Cashmere, and just in time for fall jeans shopping, Emily answers the questions you’ve always had about denim.

* Michelle Phan has a guide to choosing the right heel height for any occasion.

* Design*Sponge shares their 10 latest app obsessions. So many good ones to try!

* Aw, this is cute: Giant men meet tiny kittens.

* Also adorable: Rabbit island exists!

* And finally, if you’re looking for cute sharks, dinosaurs and chuckles, look no more. Artist Liz Climo’s Tumblr has you covered.