Hautelinks: Week of 8/21/14

Hautelinks: Week of 8/21/14

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* Bless this post: In light of what’s going on in Ferguson and information pouring in from all sorts of media outlets, one Tumblr user has compiled a long list of good, active sources to follow for info.

* A fashionable statement you can make to help: The “Hands Up, Don’t Shoot” tee benefits Operation Help Or Hush, which began offering aid to protestors in Ferguson and is now including a lot of focus on general community outreach (meals for kids, etc.).

* Also Ferguson-related: Chris Hayes discusses the paradox of race in America.

* On a somewhat lighter note, this is a great idea: There’s a petition to put a Robin Williams character into the next Zelda game.

* How addicted to coffee are you? Find out with Buzzfeed’s interactive quiz.

* Another fun quiz: Which city suits your style? I got NYC – what about you?

* Loved this: How to Make Decisions in the Dressing Room, from UnFancy.

* The Tumblr, “OMG, hold up, I love this song!” will take you on a musical trip down memory lane. I had forgotten so many of these…

* Speaking of nostalgia, Teens React to Saved by the Bell.

* OK, one more for “back in the day”: Things You Forgot About Your MySpace Page.

* XoVain lists the best drugstore brands for vegan and cruelty-free makeup.

* 8 Amazing Movies to Get You Pumped for Back to School Season — just what we need!

* Also from HelloGiggles, 7 Male Celebrity Feminists.

* Important stuff: A new app may help spot skin cancer, according to Vogue.

* A basic timeline from Buzzfeed of female “firsts”– we recommend enjoying this link with Wikipedia in another tab to research the ones that catch your interest. A fun little “research” project for a lazy afternoon!

* For a little celeb gossip, we were both surprised and excited to hear that Jennifer Lawrence and Chris Martin of Coldplay are now together – here’s the scoop on them.

* We are obviously psyched about this: Starbucks’ Pumpkin Spice Latte returns this week!!!!

* 22 GIFs Guaranteed To Be The Most Interesting Things You See Today, via Buzzfeed. Mesmerizing.

* Celebrities warn against the dangers of binge-watching TV, via EW.

* Fascinating: Gut bacteria are bullies in your body who demand you to eat pizza or go on a Nutella devouring spree, according to the Atlantic. Do you trust your gut?

* Buzzfeed has a pretty good packing list for freshmen.

* ELLE shares some good skincare tips from a facialist.

* Speaking of which, Makeup.com has an article on facials you can do yourself! We’ll definitely be trying the “Goddess Venus’ Complexion” facial ASAP.

* Beautezine has a video that will make you start wearing sunscreen, if you aren’t already slathering it on daily.

* Byrdie has a great list of quick beauty secrets every girl should know.

* Oh boy. This is what happens when buckets of ice go astray.

* Speaking of which, this post is fascinating because the ice bucket challenge, despite being used for social media fun, has actually resulted in a lot of good and money donated.

* And in final ice bucket news, watch Anna Wintour take the challenge! Pretty awesome – and surprising! – that she did it.

* There’s always room in your life for pretty neutrals, right?

* Lauren Conrad shares some tips for decorating with a roommate.

* How pretty is this off-the-shoulder top DIY? Try it now before summer ends…

* We always love these types of posts: Inexpensive celebrity fashion finds that average folks can actually afford, via Seventeen.

* Racked took an in-depth look at meditation as an alternative health trend that is becoming mainstream. Do any of you meditate?

* So touching: Short film Pothound follows the life of a street dog. It’s won numerous awards and is sure to tug at your heart strings.

* And finally, if your heart isn’t sufficiently melted from that film, these photos are sure to do it. So cute!