Hautelinks: Week of 7/31/14

Hautelinks: Week of 7/31/14

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* For all geek chic fans, ELLE breaks down the celebrity styles seen at Comic-Con 2014.

* Also, FabSugar has some legit street style lessons learned at Comic-Con.

* Oh, nostalgia: 10 Smells That’ll Take You Back to the ’90s, via HelloGiggles.

* Speaking of nostalgia, 31 Things All ’00s Girls Are Still Trying to Get Over, via Buzzfeed. It’s TRUE!

* Fascinating: Suzy Menkes discusses the downsides to Princess Diana’s legacy, and how it affects the way we treat present-day royals.

* This was too funny: I went to the gym like Taylor Swift, from ELLE.com.

* Another good one from ELLE: Editors share their fall fashion must-haves. Aah, cannot wait for fall fashion!

* Is the future of hair dye… in flat irons? This is such a cool idea!

*27 Times Zac Efron Embarrassed Himself in the High School Musical Franchise” — hilarious!

* Addressing something our whole generation has trouble with: I dare you to watch this entire video.

* Ooh, get excited: Donna Tartt’s The Goldfinch is becoming a movie!

* Also exciting news: Katy Perry might play Cher in the upcoming Clueless musical.

* Speaking of Clueless, here are some references in the movie you likely missed as a kid.

* 7 quick money-saving tips from Refinery 29.

* Bored right now? Why not take a trip to space? (Note, this only seems to work on certain browsers so your results may vary!)

* And speaking of boredom, funny article on “Things I Say When I’ve Lost Track of a Conversation“.

* One more on the boredom subject: Women Listening to Men in Art History. LOL.

* For those interested in building a timeless wardrobe, Vogue shows you the pieces that will get better with age.

* Three awesome DIY beauty/grooming tutorials we found this week: DIY Gel Nails, DIY Protein Hair Mask, and DIY Natural Bug Repellant.

* Bookmark-worthy: 50 Habits for a Happy Life, via Mind Body Green.

* Bustle responds to the “women against feminism” posts that were making their way around the interwebs.

* And in case you want more on the subject of feminism, may we point you to Well Read Feminists, one of our new favorite Tumblrs.

* We didn’t think there was any need to improve the old Harry Potter book covers, but after seeing them, we tip our wands to the new covers.

* Ooh, I really want to see 112 Weddings now – have any of you watched it?

* Haha, so funny and so true: The Anatomy of Songs.

* A helpful article brimming with Lauren Conrad’s wisdom on friend fights. We all know they’re inevitable, but not fun. Her tips on when to speak up and when to let things simmer down.

* 29 Pictures That Will Instantly Make Your Day, from Buzzfeed.

* HelloGiggles breaks down the 6 stages of living alone for the first time.

* Buzzfeed speaks the truth: We do all want to be BFFs with Mindy Kaling.

* If you’re decorating a dorm room, this DIY clay pot makeover would be the perfect way to add color and house a little plant.

* We’re loving the idea of Rent the Runway’s new program — you can subscribe to rent items for UNLIMITED amounts of time!

* Glowing skin via delicious smoothies? Yes, please.

* Also from Teen Vogue, with back to school approaching, here are their best note-taking tips.

* Seventeen has some makeup tips for ladies who wear glasses.

* WhoWhatWear has some great tips on making a great impression during your summer internship.

* Hahaha, pretty sure we’ve all felt like this.

* Wow! This new monthly subscription box service is for both men & women battling cancer. Way to think outside the box!

* Mason jars are just the best, right? If you agree, here are 12 new uses for them.

* For our redhead readers, CF writer Hannah recommends “How to Be a Redhead“. The site mostly features beauty tips specifically for redheads, but they also sell redhead-specific items like tinted bobby pins and hair ties.

* Perfect for right now: Refinery 29 shares some delicious no-heat recipes for when it’s too damn hot.

* And finally, too cute: Dog faints after seeing its owner for the first time in two years!

* And if you need more cuteness in your life, Lauren Conrad shares her favorite animals to follow on Instagram.