Hautelinks: Week of 5/22/14

Hautelinks: Week of 5/22/14

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* Wow, this is wonderful: 30 Things to Start Doing for Yourself.

* 23 Pictures of Women That’ll Inspire You to Feel Great in Your Skin, via Thought Catalog.

* Related to the last post: This woman wants to change how all of us see our bodies.

* “Frozen” Director’s Advice to Grads is Totally Inspiring.

* Speaking of graduation (congrats to all of our new grad readers!), NPR has a list of the best commencement speeches ever.

* Love this feature from Vogue: 15 Inspiring Street Style Instagrams from Dubai.

* Also Insta-related, the best filters to use for different types of travel pics.

* With the sun finally out across the US, Cosmo shares the best new sunscreens to use this summer.

* Even if you aren’t a teen, Flavorwire has an excellent list of feminist teen novels that are worth the read.

* Yum! The Glitter Guide has some delish summer salad recipes to try.

* From Teen Vogue, Blake Lively’s makeup artist shares her best beauty secrets.

* For our fellow eyebrow aficionados: The 27 Best Brows of All Time, as ranked by Vogue.

* Related: Here’s a quick hack on achieving the thick, subtle arch that’s so in right now.

* In case you missed them, the Billboard Awards were this past week and here’s a look at what the stars were wearing on the red carpet.

* The 16 Most Important Lessons I Learned in College, from Thought Catalog.

* Love this piece: 7 Reasons Why Money Can’t Buy You Style, from StyleCaster.

* 22 Signs You’re a Fashion Girl, from FabSugar.

* Food for thought on “Pinterest Perfect,” and the differences between Instagram reality and, well, reality.

* Chances are you’ve taken a selfie, but have you taken a “shelf-ie”? The latest Instagram trend takes pics to a whole new, somewhat higher, shelf.

* Somewhat related: The question without a answer… until now. To selfie, or not to selfie?

* Also from Clementine Daily, a simple and practical guide to shopping on a budget.

* Sometimes it’s therapeutic to gaze at deliciously, expertly decorated cakes. If Peeta from the Hunger Games had a blog, it’d look like this.

* In case you missed it, check out the star-studded, action-packed trailer for Jay-Z and Beyonce’s summer tour – wish this was a real movie!

* Ooh, fascinating: MentalFloss shares the most common language spoken in each US state, after English and Spanish.

* Irina Shayk and an exposed Cristiano Ronaldo for Vogue Spain is too much gorgeousness to handle!

* Oh, memories: The worst outfits from the 2004 Kids Choice Awards, as listed by Buzzfeed.

* We are currently obsessed with Haim, so naturally we loved this TIME interview with their youngest member, Alana.

* 9 Uses for Scattered Bobby Pins, from Refinery 29.

* Haha, I think this cartoon has been applicable to all of us at some point.

* You know it’s hot outside when

* And finally, this will warm your heart: Mama bear saves baby bear from a busy highway.